The Body | The Blood

Every month, Ian Olson, Andy Whitfield & Blake I. Collier pair a recent horror release with an older horror film selection in order to discuss each film's theological, historical and sociological elements and find their thematic and structural intersections in order to illuminate both films. Each episode also showcases a special guest to help us dissect the horror genre in a new way. Join us as we explore the sacrament of horror!

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#004 - Not Another Post-Apocalyptic Film!! | Blaine Grimes

Updated about 24 days ago.

Ian, Andy & Blake and special guest, Blaine Grimes, dig into 2009's
The ROAD and 2017's IT COMES AT NIGHT and talk about where apocalyptic
film fits into the horror genre and what these films tell us about
hope and human nature. We dissect their technical elements, their
social commentary, and their effectiveness as films, among other
various topics.