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~Every journey Starts with a humbling Beginning~ The Approach is a climbing term that describes the journey from the launch point usually a trail head or a paved/dirt road and ends at a climbing destination or peak. The fun part is the path in between. The experiences we accumulate helps define who we are.This podcast will focus on many walks of life. It will be random, unscripted, explicit and free form. Intro/Outro Music is"Wander" by Stasys

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Episode 31: Back to Front

Updated 8 months ago.

Joining me today is David Decitore for our final episode of the year. We hit the trails of Mt Sutros and shoot the shit about 2016, Erotic Flow, and his upcoming book "Sex on a New Level" Check it OUT!!

Intro/ Outro Music: Stasys- Wander

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