Joy in Hard Times Sometimes our struggles with pain, worry, and loneliness can feel like a life sentence. Yet, the apostle Paul was locked in prison when he wrote Philippians-- the most joyful book of the entire Bible. Is there a way to be happy even when life seems crushing?

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PrisonBreak - CAUTION:Contents Under Pressure

Updated over 6 years ago.

Anxiety is a joy-killer and peace robber…and if we’re honest, it’s no stranger to our lives. Yet even under the most dire of situations, Paul was able to experience and share true joy. Without ever trying to oversimplify things, he offers us 3 steps that are SIMPLE to understand but CHALLENGING to put into practice. These 3 steps have the power to help us overcome anxiety and experience joy in any situation through Christ. Guaranteed!

Part 4 of the series "PrisonBreak"