Mormon Truth Comedy!!

These videos are hilarious parodies of the MORmON Hierarchy, past and present, who are nothing but frauds and liars, who brainwash, deceive and rob the poor every single day, with huge smiles on their faces!! It's time that they were openly mocked through parody, just like the millions they mock and rob every single day, all around the world!! Pay back is a you know what you TBM/MORmON apologists & now it's time for us to smile and have some hearty, very loud laughter!!

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Thomas S. Monson Wishing Everyone A Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Updated a long time ago.

Thomas S. Monson just wanted to wish everyone a very happy St. Patrick's day. He took quick a tumble down that hill, but as you can all see; his green beer(which he bought at Jesus Christ's/the Mormon's new malls) was unharmed and didn't even spill.

Now go get drunk Tommy Boy on Jesus' sacred booze!!