From mosque controversies to threats of Koran burning, tension between Muslims & Christians is sweeping America. Are Muslims to be feared or befriended? In this comparative study of two great Abrahamic faiths, we’ll decipher the differences between Christianity & Islam, the Bible & the Koran - and answer the question: “Can we coexist?”

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Islam - Son of Hamas

Updated over 5 years ago.

Terror. Torture. By age 21, Mosab Hassan Yousef had seen it all. As the oldest son of one of the founders of the deadly terrorist group Hamas, Mosab was thrown into an Israeli military prison... where he began questioning who his real enemies were: Jews? Christians? His fellow Muslims?

Come hear the riveting story of how a man born into a family of terrorists... was born-again into the family of Jesus Christ.

Mosab Yousef has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and is the author of "Son of Hamas"-- a NYTimes bestseller on radical Islam.