Official Podcast

For the first time, a regular podcast is coming your way. Hosted by longtime site member and podcaster Kevin Perez (n0thinghead) and staff writer Mike Smith (OverkillExposure), the panel-style discussions will dissect new releases, inject some lively opinion into the latest metal news, and overall provide a richly balanced metal-themed outlet you’re not likely to find on most radio stations.

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Loading Podcast Episode 11

Updated a long time ago.

After last week's April Fools shenanigans, now it's back to business for the Official Podcast. Co-hosts Mike Smith and Kevin Perez provide detailed reviews of two new releases, Lacuna Coil's "Broken Crown Halo" [00:00:32] and a self-titled EP from The Lesser Key (ex-Tool). [00:26:34] Afterward comes a thorough, opinionated rundown of this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest bill. [00:42:35]