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Spoiler TV's Official Podcast hosted by The ODI, CJ and Bradley dedicated to spoilers, news and theories for the hottest TV shows and most anticipated movies covered on Spoiler TV. Some of the shows covered in each podcast are Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Person of Interest and a lot more.

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STV Podcast 141 - Legion premiere review

Updated 6 months ago.

Legion, the X-Men based drama created for FX by Noah Hawley, premiered this week, and The ODI and Bradley discuss their thoughts on the mind-bending first episode. How to Get Away With Murder, which was renewed for a fourth season by ABC this week, only has three episodes remaining this season and we talk about how well the show has pulled off its current arc and how much longer it can be sustained. Finally, we have some assorted show discussion including The Blacklist and 24: Legacy.