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MTU #15-Where Is The "REAL" Hill Cumorah?!!

Updated a long time ago.

Another great video from Elder Joseph:

Cumorah (also called Mormon Hill) is a drumlin near Manchester, New York, where Joseph Smith, Jr. said he found a set of golden plates which he translated and published as the Book of Mormon.

The hill Cumorah is also a place described in the Book of Mormon where it says that two hundred fifty thousand Nephite soldiers were killed in a final battle with the Lamanites, and where centuries earlier, the last battle of the Jaredites took place, which destroyed their civilization. The Nephites called the hill "Cumorah", and the Jaredites called the hill "Ramah" and "Shim".

There is no evidence that anything of what is described in The Book OF Mormon took place on Hill Cumorah. In fact the evidence shows NOTHING of the sort described in The Book Of Mormon took place on this Hill Cumorah.

In Fact LDS Apologists have come up with a suggestion called limited Geography Theory to explain away why The New York Hill Cumorah is not the one where the Book Of Mormon events took place.

The problem is there is no Hill Cumorah where they propose either.

The simple fact is that it never existed because it was all in Joseph Smith's imagination.

It won't be long before LDS apologists propose yet another location.

Happy searching for Hill Cumorah.
What does MORmON apologist Daniel C. Peterson(EMPLOYED/PAID BY THE MORmON CULT AT BYU/FARMS) have to say about the location of the Book of MORmON?

HH: And let me begin with you, Dr. Daniel Peterson. What does the Book of Mormon state about the population of North America, six hundred years before the birth of Christ?

DP: The Book of Mormon doesn't really talk about North America. WE DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THE BOOK OF MORmON STORY TOOK PLACE. Most people who study it NOW THINK probably in Mesoamerica.

What have Mormon General Authorities taught as DOCTRINE, regarding the location of the "Hill Cumorah/Ramah?"

"These records were carried by Ether from the hill Ramah, afterwards called Cumorah, where the Jaredites were destroyed, as well as the Nephites." (Talk given by Apostle Orson Pratt, May 18, 1873 Journal of Discourses Vol. 16, pg. 50


"...the Nephites, gathered their entire people around the hill Cumorah, in the State of New York , in Ontario County; and the Lamanites, the opposite army, gathered by millions in the same region...the fighting commenced, the Lamanites coming upon the Nephites, and destroying all of them, except a very few...." (Talk given by Apostle Orson Pratt, April 6, 1874 Journal of Discourses Vol. 17, pg. 24)


"The passages which I have quoted from the Book of Mormon...definitely establish the following facts: That the Hill Cumorah, and the Hill Ramah are identical; that it was around this hill that the armies of both the Jaredites and Nephites, fought their great last battles; that it was in this hill that Mormon deposited all of the sacred records....We know positively that it was in this hill that Moroni deposited the abridgment made by his father...and that it was from this hill that Joseph Smith obtained possession of them. " (President Anthony W. Ivins, Conference Report, April 1928-Morning Session)


"Cumorah, the artificial hill of north America, is well calculated to stand in this generation, as a monument of marvelous works and wonders. Around that mount died millions of the Jaredites; yea, there ended one of the greatest nations of this earth. In that day, her inhabitants spread from sea to sea, and enjoyed national greatness and glory, nearly fifteen hundred years...." (The Latter-day Saints' Messenger and Advocate, Vol.2, No.2, p.221)


For many more quotes and official teachings from MORmON General Authorities, PRophets and Apostles, please visit:

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