Let Riana Milne take you on a Holistic Therapeutic Journey to explore the depths of your soul. Life’s choices and their outcomes, personal concerns and questions can be examined in this very motivational and virtual website where Counseling is an educational and spiritual experience! Learn about the services offered to individuals, couples, teens and parents.

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Emotionally Evolved Love-Riana Milne, from the Coaches Chair

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"In real Love you want the other person's good. In romantic love, you want the other person." (Margaret Anderson). Know what to aim for in creating an emotionally healthy, Evolved Love relationship. If you are Single and dating, learn what traits to look for in a partner. As a couple, If you are experiencing a Toxic Relationship, Couples Coaching can help create the Evolved relationship you desire and deserve! Let me know if I can help. RianaMilne@gmail.com www.RianaMilne.com
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