The Wasted Years Podcast

The Wasted Years podcast is, simply, bands and musicians telling stories about touring. I seek stories that are unique, hilarious, life-changing, downtrodden, happy, sad, pathetic, and everything in between. This is real life viewed through the lens of the touring musician. Personally, I've toured in a very small capacity, for very short times, and even I have stories for days. Touring seems to be an endless mine of amazing tales, and I believe that many artists and musicians are excellent story tellers by nature. Thus, my creation of The Wasted Years. - Aaron A. Semer, struggling musician, songwriter, and engineer for over 20 years.

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Episode 5 - Ben Verellen

Updated over 4 years ago.

You might know him from his band Helms Alee, or his company Verellen Amplifiers. You might know him from his reunion shows with his old band Harkonen - but you probably don't know him from any of Harkonen's original shows, which he describes, simply, as "bummerly." Then again, you might know him as Botch's little brother; the roadie with the pink fanny pack crouched behind the drumset with a homemade light show and a 40oz. of OE. Ben Verellen is all of these things, and a real nice guy to hang out with to boot. Ben and I delve into some tour stories, and also get to philosophyzin' about the nature of The Tour, and how not to let it bring you down. This podcast features music from Helms Alee's amazing second album Weatherhead, available at or at most fine independent record stores.