Hello and welcome to BUDZ N PALZ: A Social Podcast. I guess we should start by letting you know this is a podcast with a wide range of topics and interest and if we like something then we are going to talk about it. My name is Metin Karakaya aka Tigger aka Mittens aka the Turkish Don even though no one has ever called me that just thought I would include that joined by my co-host The great Evan James aka Noster Riley aka Big Game James aka I'm sure there is more but we don't have time for all that.

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Updated about 11 days ago.

This week on the podcast we want to first wish EVAN JAMES A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We invite Josh (Neck), Josh (Cookies) and Scott, who have been great friends for over 15 years to chat about some guy stuff. From Circumcisions to President Trump and even some Game Of Thrones talk this EP is one for the books.

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