DaVinci and the Bible

Pastor Tim Lucas of LiquidChurch.com discusses the many issues raised by Dan Brown's bestseller: Was Jesus married? Can the Bible be trusted? Did the church suppress women and hijack spiritual faith?

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DaVinci pt 4 - Prophetic Proof

Updated over 9 years ago.

One of the most powerful proofs of the Bible's supernatural origin is fulfilled Biblical prophecy. Prophecy isn't about fortune-telling or wild speculation, but refers to specific, recorded foreknowledge of future events that would occur centuries later.

The Old Testament alone contains 456 specific predicions about a coming Messiah or Savior-- 29 of which were fulfilled in the last 24 hours of Jesus' life.

How do we know that the Christian faith is credible? Listen in as Pastor Tim discusses the "Prophetic Proof" that points to Jesus as the predicted Savior of humanity.

Part 4 of a 4-part message series.