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711: Five Deathly Tales

Updated 6 months ago.

This week we have five short deathly tales.

Two of the five have previously been featured only in our newsletter, and one only our Patreon page. But, since the goal of The Wicked Library is always the promotion of the writers, artists, and composers, we wanted to share these handpicked tales with our entire audience.

"One Hour" by Dene Bebbington | "A Lament from the Dying" by Keith McDuffee | "The Heart of a Madman" by Gwendolyn Kiste | "Playground Zero" by Jessica McHugh | "Last Steps" by Kelli Perkins

More shorter tales like these will be featured in the future for Patreon supporters at on a one per month basis, but once we have enough collected for a full episode, we'll share them with everyone.