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al-Sidrah is a web publication published by the Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Seminary, an institution which aims to train Islamic scholars who are fully conversant in both traditional Islamic and modern scholarship. al-Sidrah's podcast hosts scholarly interviews, lectures, sermonds, and other audio components of the publication.

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Interview - Interpreting Qur'anic Stories with S. Sulayman

Updated 3 months ago.

On May 15, 2017, Reza Hemyari sat down with Sayyid Sulayman Hassan to explore how to explore the many parables and stories of Prophets and past communities in the Qur'an.

How do we read these stories? Do they describe real events that happened in history? Or, are they allegorical and metaphoric? And how can we, as modern readers understand and gain insights from these Qur’anic stories?