Coaching & Communication Skills

Cecille Heath is a communication skills and leadership consultant. Cecille a the Key Facilitator for various Women & Leadership forums as well as being an executive sales coach. Cecilles work involves helping clients prepare for important pitches and tenders. she aslo helps them with "war room" preparation, document revision, presentation advice and on the job coaching. On this podacst we discuss a whole host of communication and coaching techniques and tactics

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Sales Coach Academy Breifing

Updated over 4 years ago.

Interviews with Ian Segail on the value of sales performance coaching and the Sales Coach Academy
world’s top performing sales managers

This audio podcast will show you the one key management tactic that has been proven, time & time again, to drive up the sales team's revenue production.

It will demonstrate and prove how this single secret strategy:
Transforms your sales team into a highly motivated sales force in just 90 days