Blazing Content Delivery

Unlike many of the low budget file hosts out there, we can deliver your podcast to subscribers at high speeds to ensure that your podcast can be listened to as quickly as possible.

Don't Let Your Host Bring You Down

There is nothing that can kill the success of a podcast like long download times. Remember, your subscribers have to download your episode first before they can even decide if they like it.

We have amazing up-time, and consistently blazing upload speeds so you can be sure that you aren't losing people before they even know what you're about.

File Optimization

Everything you upload to Hipcast runs through our encoders to minimize the file size while retaining quality. Once these files are optimized (transcoded) into web formats, they can be published on your blogs and podcasts where anyone can get them.

Over 99.9% Uptime

Speed can only get you so far if your podcast goes down, but with Hipcast this won't be a problem. Our architecture has been consistently stable for nearly a decade, and we certainly don't plan on getting any worse!


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Did you know?

Podcasting is the most accessible form of syndication. The number of multimedia ready mobile devices has skyrocketed in the past few years, and so has your potential audience!