The Hipcast Podcast Directory (beta)

The most difficult part of creating a new podcast is trying to attract subscribers.

Let Subscribers Find You

When you start a podcast with Hipcast we take steps to ensure that you are visible to anyone looking.

On Demand Streaming

When someone stumbles across your podcast in our directory they will be able to listen to or watch your multimedia instantly with using our web-players. They can also browse through all of your episodes easily without downloading anything in advance.

Podcasts are all about listeners, and the Hipcast Directory is the easiest listening experience yet!

Search Engines Love Podcasts

Search Engines crawl popular websites more often than new websites, so when you add a new podcast to our directory, the likelihood that Google will pick it up and index your content quickly is much higher. The more relevant your title and description are, the more likely that you will be found by potential listeners.

Featured Podcasts

Our Advanced and Corporate podcasters have the option of being featured at the top of our podcast directory.

Our podcast directory can be found here.


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Did you know?

Podcasting is the most accessible form of syndication. The number of multimedia ready mobile devices has skyrocketed in the past few years, and so has your potential audience!