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The eXplorminate Podcast is designed to bring you great content about 4X and strategy games: -Weekly eXchange (WeX)- is focused on providing a deep discussion about relevant 4X gaming news as well a little insight into what the staff is currently playing. -Strategic eXpanse (StraX)- is all about 4X and 4X-lite games. Here you will find eXclusive interviews with developers, discussions about game mechanics and much more. -Audible eXtension (AudiX)- offers a short follow-up to reviews written on www.eXplorminate.net. Here, the writer of the review will discuss anything that may have been left out and expand on anything that may have been unclear.

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XX #11 - Game Difficulty.

Updated 12 months ago.

Join Nate and Troy as they analyze and discuss the many aspects of video game difficulty settings. If you think you know what they’ll be discussing, you might be in for a surprise. There is a lot more to game difficulty that one would imagine. Come and listen to what they think.