An Honorable Mention with Shane Hagadorn & Jeff Schwartz

On An Honorable Mention, former ROH wrestler and manager Shane Hagadorn and his co-host Jeff Schwartz discuss a different event, star, or period from Ring Of Honor history each episode! Shane was there, and shares his ROH expertise, experiences, and secrets with the audience, leaving no stone unturned!

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Episode 32: Empire State Showdown

Updated about 6 days ago.

You voted for it, and now here it is for your listening pleasures! "Empire State Showdown" was the night "RING OF HONOR FOUND A NEW HOME..." (for one event mind you) on a TENNIS COURT, that was in a GOLF COURSE, but featured John Walters breaking out in TWO matches, Maff & Whitmer doing their best Akiyama vs. Kobashi tribute, a Chicken Fight, a near murder in the main event, and one of the best segments in ROH history with Punk vs. Corino!

Join Jeff & Shane as they dive into the muddy fields of Spencerport with this edition of An Honorable Mention! Brought to you through The Creative Control Network, and sponsored by, this one is fast and fun!

Oh, and we can't forget to mention THE LISTS!

Empire State Showdown
Spencerport, New York

Singles Match (CUT FROM DVD)
Hydro vs. Slyk Wagner Brown

Field Of Honor Block B Match
BJ Whitmer vs. Dan Maff (w/Allison Danger)

Tag Team Scramble Match
Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Don Juan & Fast Eddie vs. The Outcast Killaz (Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga) vs. The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)

Singles Match (CUT FROM DVD)
Jared Steele vs. Striker

Singles Match
Christopher Daniels (w/Allison Danger) vs. John Walters

ROH Tag Team Title Match
ROH Tag Team Champions Special K (Dixie & Izzy) (c) vs. The Carnage Crew (DeVito & Loc)

Field Of Honor Block A Match
Chris Sabin vs. Xavier

Singles Match
CM Punk vs. Steve Corino

Four Corners Survival Match
Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Rave vs. John Walters vs. Justin Credible

Non Title No Holds Barred Match
Homicide (w/Julius Smokes) vs. ROH World Champion Samoa Joe