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Recording Church Announcements

Updated a long time ago.

Matt, Megan, and Megan are the faces behind their church's video announcement team. They discuss how terrible they are at it and then discuss the larger issue of trying to keep a congregation entertained long enough to listen to the dang announcements! (Episode 52)


Host: Matt Coker
Guests: Megan Oaks and Megan Kelley

Game Time - Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie: In Bracket 1 of our "Never-Been-Champion" Championship Tournament, the Megan's go head to head in their Osteen knowledge. Who will... prosper?!

Back Talk - Part 1: We take a look at and a listen to some of the difficulties we have had in recording our church announcements.

Featured Music: "Highland Church Announcements - The Musical" by Joey Porter and Matt Coker

Back Talk - Part 2: We talk about some of the terrible truths we've learned about ourselves while recording and then tackle the tough question of why it's so hard to get people to pay attention to announcements, despite them being EVERYWHERE on Sunday morning.

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