Coaching Me with Bridget Trammell

Tune in to Coaching Me and hear the amazing stories of those who have taken The Health Dare, a 90-day cellular health program that is transforming the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, High Cholesterol, and IBS in just a matter of weeks! Listen to stories of those who have overcome adversity, regained their health, and changed their life with help from the coaches at The Health Dare. Coach Bridget, founder and creator of The Health Dare, interviews clients and shares health tips, motivational stories, and a whole lot of Vitamin L…which she calls love. You don’t want to miss this incredible show. You’ll hear Chet and Kathy talk about ditching their C-Pap machines in just 30 days, Francis tell her 100-lb weight loss story, Trish’s amazing 75-inch loss, and more. The Health Dare is the most comprehensive health coaching and accountability team in the world, and they are changing our nation through preventive nutrition education one client success story at a time. Try to listen to this show with a dry eye… we dare you!

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The Health Dare 05-18-2019

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