The Murse Effect

Hosted by Anthony Rivera (@murseant) Hey everyone, I finally got my own show started, and I am uber excited to share what I have for everyone. We're gonna talk about awesome things (wrestling, MMA, comic books, movies, etc), and I am going to find people who are passionate about things they wanna talk about. This show is all about special interest and passion. If you're passionate about something I feature on this show, have a listen. If not, then I invite you to have your voice heard and chat with me. This is gonna be awesome!!! Or not, but hopefully more awesome than un-awesome. - Anthony Rivera This podcast powered by

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The Murse Effect #1 - My First

Updated a long time ago.

What is up EVERYONE!!! My name is Anthony Rivera (@murseant on nearly errythang), and I am excited to bring you my own podcast project. That's right, if you loved "those damn podcasters", "Justin's Apartment", and "MEMCast", then I think you're gonna find this charming (hopefully), or you're not (please like me, pretty please oh please like me).

On my first episode, I give an intro to what the show is about, and I give an explanation as to why this took so long (hint: it starts with a "procras" and ends in "tination"). I also talk about the various projects I've been involved in over the years, and give praise and appreciation where they are due.

Anyways, enjoy the episode, and feedback always welcome at

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!!!

Some things that I mention on this show -
- Essentialism by Greg Mckeown
- Ron Bello (those damn podcasters - still on itunes btw) is @ronbello21
- Justin Mallari (Justin's Apartment; Geek Say What) is @justin_mallari and also find these podcasts on iTunes
- Ray Hom (@rayhom), MEMCast (find it iTunes as well), and the rest of the awesome peeps over there (Ever Heredia - @bankyy65 ; Willis Lai - @woooolis) and

Music on this episode -
Jahzzar - Please Listen Carefully (
kimengumi - Myspace
(@_kimengumi_ on the Twitter)