Space Fall: A Blake's 7 Podcast

Two fans have a look at each episode of Blake's 7, in order, discussing what we love about it, but also going into more depth about the stories and characters. We'll also be looking at the guests stars, and including some fun segments such as "look, it was the 1970s", "what cool lines did Chris Boucher write for Avon this week?", and "player of the week"!

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“As a result of Blake's abortive attack on the Federation's main control centre, a court martial is convened in Space Command Headquarters.”
Synopsis from The Canberra Times (Canberra), 11 April 1980.

Join us for a discussion of the 6th episode of Blakes 7 Series B, first broadcast on February 13th, 1979.
(First shown in Australia on Friday, April 11th 1980 at 7:30pm)