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Hosted by Anthony Rivera (@murseant) Hey everyone, I finally got my own show started, and I am uber excited to share what I have for everyone. We're gonna talk about awesome things (wrestling, MMA, comic books, movies, etc), and I am going to find people who are passionate about things they wanna talk about. This show is all about special interest and passion. If you're passionate about something I feature on this show, have a listen. If not, then I invite you to have your voice heard and chat with me. This is gonna be awesome!!! Or not, but hopefully more awesome than un-awesome. - Anthony Rivera This podcast powered by

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The Murse Effect #5 - Hoist the Colours

Updated a long time ago.

What? Another episode so soon?!? As promised, this begins a wave of uploading episodes so you the listener can enjoy this hi-kwality content. Welcome to episode 5 of The Murse Effect!!

This episode, I curate some of my favorite things related to pirates, more specifically, pirates portrayal in multimedia. Disclaimer: I don't condone what they've done because they've done some really, really awful things in our history, but watching the movies and reading the books and playing the video games makes them super cool.

I talk about the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the book 'Ivory' by Tony Park, and Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 for the Playstation 4.

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