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Troutman Pepper energy partner Bill Derasmo talks with battery and storage experts from across the industry. The podcast shares the unique perspectives of industry veterans and thought leaders, exploring how they are deploying this new and exciting technology.

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Episode 7 - Virginia Energy Regulation Update

Updated 8 months ago.

After a short introduction and a yearlong hiatus, Troutman Pepper Battery + Storage Podcast host Bill Derasmo and his guest Andy Flavin discuss recent national developments (e.g., FERC’s Broadview Solar decision), but focus the lion’s share of Episode 7 on the energy storage market in Virginia. Specifically, the podcast examines the Virginia Clean Economy Act, legislation establishing a mandatory renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and specific targets for construction/acquisition of solar, wind, and energy storage facilities. Episode 7 also covers energy storage regulations set by the State Corporation Commission, as well as Virginia energy storage siting requirements and what approach to take in other states without such requirements. Finally, Bill and Andy look at electric transmission considerations for utility-scale storage facilities, both in Virginia and more broadly in RTO markets.