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This podcast is about the love of books. It covers everything from comic books to the classics. At its most basic level it's about the adventure of searching out another great reading experience. From comic books to pulp fiction, classic literature to fantasy and science fiction, this podcast celebrates the joys of literature, and the hunt for the next great read! It is also a community sourced podcast. So if you would like to contribute an episode feel free to email

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Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition Players Handbook Part 2

Updated about 1 year ago.

Michael from Germany (@SostheRope) is back for another look at the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook Fifth Edition. This episode he covers the first four chapters, after briefly detailing the movie Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History of Dungeons & Dragons and the importance of Dave Arneson to the game’s development. Also- HG Wells was a gamer!

Dungeons & Dragons Beyond Character Builder

Plus a little bit about I’m OK, You’re OK, classic of popular psychology based on Eric Berne’s theory of Transactional Analysis that has helped millions of people who never before felt OK about themselves find the freedom to change, to liberate their ADULT effectiveness, and to achieve joyful intimacy with the people in their lives.