Gary Ryan - What Really Matters For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are regularly unaware of the employability skills that they are developing at university or in part time jobs or volunteer opportunities. As a result many undergraduate students believe that they don't have any 'relevant' experience. Employability skills are generic skills that are important in any technical field of expertise. This series helps undergraduate students to indentify these skills and to commence practicing them in a way that will acclerate their careers.

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Setting Groundrules - The Why And The How

Updated a long time ago.

Groundrules are a simple and effective way to significantly ENHANCE
team performance. Yet most people don't create them. Don't be like
them, be different. Follow the simple Three Questions Structure set
out in this episode to both create groundrules and to keep them ALIVE
for your team. Your team's experience of working together as well as
your performance will both be ENHANCED.