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7 Tips to Creating Better Goals You Are Inspired to Achieve

Updated 4 months ago.

You’ve probably read it all. You’ve opened multiple pages and tabs on the internet in pursuit of that crucial knowledge on how to create even better business goals, so you can accelerate your results.

As a business owner, your goals represent more than numbers on a scale. They serve as important milestones that motivate you and immortalize your contributions to your business, and to those you serve.

When setting your goals, you have to pay attention to what your business stands for, what services or products you provide, who your target market is, how you hope to speak to that market, what solutions you want to provide, what milestones you want to set, and at what point to tick those milestones as complete.

Other than these points, you should be ready to ask for help when your business needs it, hire valuable help, gain important skills, make tough decisions, and put in the work that’ll help you achieve these goals.

Even while doing this, you are not assured of the success of any of these goals. Some goals may make a comeback year after year because they are not attained. When goals make a comeback regularly, it is possible to get frustrated to the point of quitting.

That’s why these seven tips for creating better business goals comes in handy.

1. Rationalize the Results
Before setting your goals, it is best to think about the results you want to achieve. Take a longer look into the future and be reasonable with your expectations. In a year, what do you want to have achieved business-wise?

Are these goals what you truly want? Are they also important enough for you to commit your valuable time and resources to? Are they worth investing in?

When you think of the results you want to achieve, you should have absolute confidence in the path you are about to set yourself upon.

2. SMART Goals Are the Key
When creating better goals, you need to apply the SMART principles, which I’m sure you are familiar with. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Some people think their goals have to be ‘realistic.’ Realistic is somewhat relative. I believe that setting a goal that may seem a bit out of reach or a challenge works to motivate most people even more. If you don’t achieve this stretch goal, you will feel better because you will have achieved more than you would have originally set as a realistic goal.

When your goals meet these principles, you have chalked off the greatest challenges that affect goal setting. Here, you can begin to outline the best business practices that’ll make these goals a reality.

3. Write Out Your Goals
When creating better goals, it is important to write them all out. If you think they can and should be achieved in the time frame chosen, writing them out helps you put them into perspective.

When you write out your goals, you can structure and amend them appropriately to make them better. Because they are laid out, you can see your goals in the biggest picture, see their challenges, shortcomings, and blind spots, which will help you restructure them to avoid failure and overwhelm from the onset.

Writing your goals out also helps you focus on them daily. This is the best way to motivate yourself towards achieving them.

4. Create an Action Plan
Planning without execution is a wasteful and time-consuming activity. To create better goals, you need an exact plan covering how these business goals will be achieved.

This plan can cover daily activities, weekly targets, client feedback, reviews, training, the marketing budget, marketing style, your target audience, success parameters, and many more.

When you create an action plan, break it into small, bite-sized milestones to make it easier for you to achieve them. Creating an action plan for your goals creates a step-by-step guideline for you and your employees to follow. It also serves as a measurement and accountability of each goal’s viability.

5. Set a Timeline
How far out do you want to set your long-term goals? What about your short-term goals? What milestones have you included to break down the achievement of each goal? How often do you want to measure the progress of your activities towards each goal?

Setting a timeline moves your goals from a paper or somewhere in your mind onto a calendar and into tracking metrics that you can consistently measure, so you know where you are at against your goals at any given moment in time.

When you set a timeline for each of your goals (month, day, and year), you can put everything you’ve got into achieving each specific goal. Having a timeline also challenges you to work optimally. You can make decisive decisions geared towards faster growth.

Setting a timeline on your goals also improves your leadership skills tremendously. You can direct your team strategically and monitor their business activities in ways that improve the overall business performance.

6. Take Action
After planning your goals, it is important to follow your plans to the letter. Follow all the guidelines while keeping yourself open to improvements and updates that’ll help you perform even better.

By taking purposeful action, you are moving from the point of inception and are on your journey to even greater success.

7. Review and Re-evaluate Your Process and Progress
The business world is fluid. New changes may arise at any point in your business that’ll affect your laid-out plans. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly review and re-evaluate your decisions and strategies made at the start of the year.

This will help you keep up-to-date and remain flexible in business.

Having key performance indicators (KPIs) / business metrics will help you:
• Set very specific goals (for your business and for you personally)
• Quickly help you Determine whether (or not) you’re on track to reach your goals (the firms and for you personally)
• Evaluate the success of your strategy based on these key metrics
• Pinpoint areas in your business that may need improvement
• Identify any opportunities and challenges
• Offer incentives to team members
• And they can even Assess whether your clients are happy or not

Creating better goals is an in-depth process that can signify the path your business is going. With better goals, you can grow quickly as a business and an individual. Get to work on this today, so you can begin to create your ideal business and ideal life. If you want help, reach out to me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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