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Ep 73: Supergirl, X-Files & Wizard World!

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Chris tells us of his Wizard World Philly adventures and the friends he has made. We also go over the record breaking sales for NY comic con and how after just an hour or two most of all options were sold out leaving the nerd army in its dust. DC has been facing some controversy lately over its characters royalties and the writers who make it all happen.Nate reveals an awesome new game for PS4 and its dinorific!
Constantine may join Arrow for a crossover. Supergirl will be coming to CBS in November and we talk about its teaser trailer and what this show could hold. Marvel reveals the identity of the female Thor and the reveal may shock you! The X-Files will be premiering in January! What could this mean? The panel discusses X-Files and what it has been and what we hope it to be. Some feedback from our generals leads us into further nerd news! General Sam gives us info on the New DC Animated Justice League and General Jon gives us his newest versus which is Spawn Vs. Deadpool.

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