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I Love Marketing 151

Updated a long time ago.

* Part Two where Joe and Dean look back over the last 150 episodes and how the idea of I Love Marketing was created and grown by sharing proven marketing strategies that work.
* Joe and Dean share their thoughts on how a podcast can be a communication vehicle for your business
* Several listeners how they have gained value and connections from being a part of the I Love Marketing Community
* Joe shares some of the daily habits he’s developed in being a successful entrepreneur
* Dean shares his favourite tool for creating daily focus time to be productive
* Many of the listeners share their biggest takeaway and recall some of the best marketing strategies that have been provided by Joe and Dean
* Joe points out why direct response marketing is time management marketing
* How to put more cheese into your offers so your prospects want what you have
* How to create a compelling 90-minute book title that grabs the attention of your best prospect
* A surprise question from previous guest of I Love Marketing, Jeff Moore of Wilds Things Seafood shares his biggest takeaways from listening to all 150 episodes
* Dean shares how to weigh out the lifetime value of your ideas and which to take action on First
* The Indiegogo campaing that will give you a chance to tour Huffington Post at GeniusNetwork.com/ThriveNow