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Interview with Dr. Vic Manzo, Business Mindset Coach

Updated about 1 month ago.

I think you will find my guest to be helpful in helping us with our mindset, so you can break through any barriers that are holding us back from reaching our next level of success (and we all have a next level).

Dr. Vic Manzo is a former Certified Pediatric Chiropractor who has become a business mindset coach. He is the author of 3 books, with his most recent being "Decoding The Matrix: Powerful Tips for Unleashing Your Potential and Accelerating Your Spiritual Awakening.” Dr. Vic helps people become aware of their limiting beliefs, habits, standards, and the stories they tell themselves. Once you are aware, he helps you reframe, change, and create beliefs that support your dream life.

Here are a few questions I asked Dr. Vic that you will benefit from by listening to his interview:

• First, let’s start with, how do we become aware of limiting beliefs and habits that are holding us back from reaching our true potential?
• Once we are aware, what are some specific actions or steps we can take to change those limiting beliefs?
• I believe strongly in the power of visualization. Talk about why and how to use the power of visualization, as you see it, please.
• In your book, Decoding the Matrix, what is the matrix and why do we need to be aware of it?
• Why do you think the darkness our greatest ally?

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