The Lifted Scene

Welcome to The Lifted Scene meditation podcast featuring your hosts Vanzell Kirk II, Ryan Summers, and Joshua Flynn. Thank you for listening to our show! We hope you can gain value from what we have to offer and we love sharing what knowledge we've learned up until this point in our lives. We do not profess to know everything there is to know about everything, but we only speak from experience. Please join us in the evolution of our journey. You can find us on instagram... @plantingahead @notsummers @flynnpnw @theliftedscene

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Ep 10 - @FlynnPNW & Sleepy Steve

Updated 9 months ago.

Welcome to The Lifted Scene boys and girls / Joshua Flynn is here.. he's a killer photographer and has played a major role in the curation of @StreetmeetWA - a monthly photography meet up of local photographers here in the Seattle area / our new intern Sleepy Steve is in studio / we out here, f*ck with us / it's Ryan's bday!

@FlynnPNW - josh flynn
@gainsnganja - vanzell kirk
@notsummers - ryan summers
@bokeh.rang - sleepy steve