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Mark and Rob host 42 to Doomsday, Australia's longest running and most popular Doctor Who podcast. We chat about the show, and leave the reviews and DVD commentaries to everyone else!

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42 to Doomsday - The Omni-Rumourist

Updated a long time ago.

Episode 40 - The Omni rumour is now the subject of a book! Rob and Mark speak with Dave Hoskin, journalist and author of the forthcoming tome 'Chasing Shadows' from Obverse Books. The book will look at the impact of the omnirumour on Doctor Who fandom in the internet age, as well as examining some of the rumours themselves.

All this and make sure you listen to the end where we unveil a brief archival blast from the past featuring everyone’s favourite goldfish love, Professor Zaroff!

More information on Obverse books can be found at