Arts and Crap

The Arts and Crap gang are back! With a new cutthroat direction! Join Darrel, Sheila, and Chris (three dorks with very different tastes) as they discuss a film and vote to decide - and the decision is legally binding - whether it is ART or CRAP!!

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Arts and Crap : Ganja & Hess

Updated a long time ago.

The gang is back! This week (or however long it’s been)’s episode is on GANJA & HESS (also known as BLOOD COUPLE and DOUBLE POSSESSION depending on where or when you didn’t see it … ) Bill Gunn’s 1973 take on a Black Vampire film, most recently remade by Spike Lee as DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS. Is it a horror movie? A piece of avant-garde cinema? A bit of Blaxpoitation fun? All of these, or none? Good questions but we focus on the most important one: Is it ART? Or is it CRAP?

Starring Duane Jones (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), Marlene Clark (THE LANDLORD, SANFORD & SON), and Gunn himself in a pivotal role.
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