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KWR # 222: Apocalypso 9 with Killer Wolfson

Updated 6 months ago.

Just Buried Productions takes over with Quarantine of Horror director, Todd "Killer" Wolfson, bringing the indie punk horror! Covering his films 8-Bit Blood Bath, SPONGE, Evil Seeds, and his current project BATSHIT. Jam out to "Kraken" by musician, Eric Pellegrini. Killer will be at @GrossFest3 July 25th! Killer's comic book Demon Prose will be at #GrossFest3 @RebelFlesh with "Batshit" theme song. #DrPeelorDemonPsychiatrist #Spongehorrormovie #8bitbloodbath #justburiedproductions #braddockbrothersband #kettlewhistleradio