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Ep 192: Gremlins 3: Gremlins Take Algeria

Updated 10 months ago.

Matt's back this week from the Toronto International Film festival, and he either has plenty of movies to tell us about or he made up a bunch of things that sound like possible art films, including 143 Sahara Road, Crazy World, and Gundala. Which of course ends up with us arguing about super hero movies again.

We do eventually get into games this week; Dave wants us to know that everyone is bad in Greedfall; Kelly wants us to know that he doesn't know a damn thing about Catholicism, and Norris thinks Gremlins 2: Gremlins Take New York is an international treasure.

Also Kelly wants to explain why he isn't playing Borderlands 3, and the words 'Rowdy Randy Pitchford' are uttered which is pretty good.

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Beer of the Week: Strathcona Brewing Love Buzz Mango Raspberry Sour

Hosts: Chris Norris, David Beebe, Kelly Wright, Matt Emery
Music by Sebastian Bender