The Music Memory Podcast

Music can spark a memory, or an event in your life such as where you stood the first time you heard your favorite band, maybe your first kiss, first love or even your first car. That is your Music Memory. Hang out with Joey Galvez as he travels down Music Memory Lane. in this podcast he'll discuss his favorite music genre and which avenue they take him. Joey will interview guests and artist , Along the way he'll play the greatest hits that set that spark on our journey here on The Music Memory Podcast

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There Is Magic In The Music

Updated 6 months ago.

In this episode Joey speaks with his good friend Nate Vandenburg. Nate recalls many significant Music Memories that span over his entire life. Joey is impressed by Nate's fantastic ability to detail. Come with us as we join Nate & Joey as they bring you another great episode of The Music Memory Podcast!