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At Forest Park, our doors are always open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of their present condition or spiritual journey. We strive to introduce God's love and grace to everyone through creating environments that engage and inspire all people to passionately pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and others.

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Lay it Down | Scott Neal | Baggage - Part 1

Updated 3 months ago.

When you’re a kid, it’s easy to be full of optimism. Life is pretty simple. The future looks bright. But as you grow older, life kicks you in the teeth. You don’t make the baseball or cheerleading team, you fail your final, she breaks up with you and crushes your heart.

As you grow older, the pain and disappointment become more difficult to “get over” or to “bounce back” – your father moves out and you see him with another woman – he’s dating the mother of a friend at school. Arguments become more frequent – you hear, “I don’t love you anymore. You are stupid. You will never amount to anything. I wish I never married you.”

Then you realize life is complicated, people are selfish, answers are few. You’re not too sure what to do – you pack away the disappointment, hurt, and pain somewhere in your heart – you rationalize it – you make excuses – you manage.

Let's learn how to lay our bags down, and move forward.
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Reach people no matter their present condition or spiritual journey.
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