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Indiegogo for Filmmaking and Authors with Kate Drane

Updated 11 months ago.

Kate Drane is Indiegogo’s Senior Director of Outreach for Tech and Hardware. Her favorite thing to do is democratize access to resources, and considers herself as a VC of the people. Since starting at Indiegogo in July 2012, she's empowered more than 500 entrepreneurs to collectively raise over $80M on the Indiegogo platform, including Canary, Misfit, and Skulpt. For more information on Indiegogo go to www.indiegogo.com or connect with Kata on Twitter @katedrane. We met at the Industry conference in Cleveland http://indsum.com/. This episode is from the archive. You can connect at www.laurapowers.net. You can also find her on facebook via Write Hot and follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers.