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In this podcast you can find all the talks given at the Auckland Zen Centre, back to 2016. Most talks are by Sensei Amala Wrightson, but there are also talks from Richard von Sturmer and senior students too.

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2022-06-14 Meditation and Anger

Updated about 1 month ago.

When people hear of the 9th precept, "Not to indulge in anger but to practice forbearance" they often ask, "But what about injustice? There is so much to be angry about." The late Rita Gross, feminist scholar and activist, writes about how her response to injustice became clearer and more skilful after she took up meditation.
Source(s): article "Meditation and Anger" in Being Bodies, Buddhist Women on the paradox of embodiment ed. Lenore Friedman and Susan Moon, Shambhala 1997.
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