Pj And The Gang

An unscripted podcast where a group of friends try to make each other laugh by being totally inappropriate. Telling weird stories and bad jokes involving real life experiences, gaming, music, movies and making fun of each other. (FYI we record from all different states)

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Halloween Special

Updated 8 months ago.

In Memory of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and all other great

This week, on a very special Pj and the Gang! We go back in time to a
simpler era to relive one of the spooky classic short stories... The
Monkey's Paw!
Join us for a laughably spooky time, and enjoy Reaper doing his
actual, natural, every day speaking voice!
All available Gang members join the cast in one way or another, with a
few special tweaks. Retro, baby!
Just in time for All Hallow's Eve, join us and be entertained!

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