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Choochagatari is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Choochagatari Episode 35: No Piece

Updated 4 months ago.

What better time to watch anime than when most of us are trapped at home! This time around the crew discussed what we liked or maybe didn't like about KyoAni's Violet Evergarden. Afterwards John continues to dive deeper into the pits of hell, as his laughter at the misfortune of a dog continues. Elvie's managed to watch a whole lot of anime, though she wishes that some had maybe taken a different approach. Rose is a little behind, but still manages to drop a (probably really bad) hot take!

The opening theme to this episode is Sincerely by Miho Karasawa, and the ending theme is Violet Snow by Aira Yuhki

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