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This is a podcast where 2 or more Blokes (all guests are Blokes, regardless of gender!) sit and talk about films both old and new. We can be found on: - Our website ( - Twitter (@Blokebusters) - Facebook (The BlokeBusters Podcast) - Email ( Now please do sit back, relax, Share & Enjoy!

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Ep 78: Mascots or: We Love You Heshe & The Worm!!!!

Updated a long time ago.

Hello one and all! We're back with a proper episode! Thanks to a new addition to the family of one of our hosts, we've been a little lax with recording. That ends now. Well, don't hold us to it, there's always a chance of random tings popping up. But still!

This time around, we talk about the Christopher Guest film Mascots. Were we fans? Who would we give the golden Fluffy to? What the hell does that even mean? You'll need to listen in to find out!

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