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#1- New Mormon Gay Hate Doctrine-11-23-2015

Updated a long time ago.

This is the premier episode of my new EXMO LIVE Show, which officially started on November 23, 2015.

I started off giving information about the show(I later decided that all the shows will be free..no charge for the archives..so disregard that part!) & how it will work & then I discussed the new "GAY HATE" doctrine of the Mormon Hierarchy, in which gay couples(who STILL believe), even legally married, will be hunted down like dogs & publicly exposed, humiliated & then excommunicated in a church "court of love."

With the new GAY HATE doctrine, the children, even babies & infants, of gay couples, even legally married, are completely BANNED until they turn 18..even banning & outlawing baby blessings. Incredible hate of EVEN BABIES..WOW!

They've reached an all new low!

When they turn 18, if they want to join the church(why would they?), they have to put in writing, that they "specifically disavow the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage," & "are 18 and do not live with a parent who has lived or currently lives in a same-gender cohabitation relationship or marriage."

In other words, they must disavow their parents & move out of their house..what happened to "Families are Forever", like the movie I repeatedly showed on my mission? What a crock!

After that, they then need to seek the permission of the First Presidency. I don't think they expect ANYONE to ever seek this approval. They could still reject them at this point, after waiting 18 years and doing all that was required. My guess is they would reject them just for fun.

The current, new, Mormon policy, OFFICIALLY rates ALL gay people in a relationship & gay couples as apostates, in which a court is MANDATORY & they are now rated worse than attempted murderers, rapists, sexual abusers, spouse abusers, intentional serious physical injury of others, and deliberate abandonment of family responsibilities.

A court for the latter, even CRIMINALS, MAY be necessary, which is APPALLING! Not MANDATORY?!

It is now worse to be gay or an apostate in Mormonism, in 2016, than a criminal who has tried to kill or rape or sexually abuse someone..again, AMAZING!

I was honored to have both Dr. Shades & Demon of Kolob call in for my 1st show, with Dr. Shades proud to be the 1st ever caller on EXMO Live..it will always be his honor. THANKS Dr. Shades!

It was appropriate, as he was one of the 1st EXMOS to ever really help me back in 2005, through his appearances on the original EXMO Podcast, "The Church is NOT true"(hosted by Mike Norton & Hyrum) & then reach out to me, personally inviting me to join his Mormon Discussions board.

Also, a very special thanks to Demon of Kolob, who has been my great friend & podcast partner for the last 10+ years!

THANKS so much Demon for all that you've done to help me in exposing the Mormon Church & in helping others & for calling into my inaugural EXMO LIVE Show. I Couldn't have done all that I've done without you & we'll have many great shows in the coming days, weeks, months & years.

Thanks to everyone that listened & called in(& will in the future), as it was an exciting, premier night for me, after months of preparation, to finally have my first show & it worked out great..looking forward to a great future on EX-Mormon Live & EX-Mormon Radio 24/7.

The EXMO LIVE Show is on every night, M-F from 11 PM(Wednesdays at 1 AM)-whenever, on EXMO RADIO 24/7, over on Tunein Radio.(Just search for "exmormon.")

You can also download my Android app, by just searching for "exmormon" in the Google Playstore.

Thanks everyone!