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Choochagatari Episode 50: Pikachu Did the Dub

Updated 11 months ago.

I guess it's like a viral video where Pikachu dubs over.

This episode is full of anime troubles big and small! We discuss the abject failure of Wandering Witch, the confusion of the new Higurashi, and...oh god, we talk about the show where the guy begs girls to flash him. Plus, hey, Sleepy Princess is good, and so is Jujutsu Kaisen! Elvie talks about the Climbing Girls show trying to not be horny, John check in with the Weeklies, and Rose is digging Kamen Raider.

The OP and ED are "Kaimin! Anmin! Syalist Seikatsu" and "Gimmme!" both from Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.

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