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Choochagatari is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Choochagatari Unlimited Train Works 25: Over the Moon

Updated 6 months ago.

It's finally fall so the crew came together to talk about all of the great and exciting isekai anime that are coming soon to a screen near you! Rose is back to hosting and loved seeing Promare, but doesn't really know why Arifureta is allowed to be. Trixie muses on the beautiful March Comes in Like a Lion, as well as all time classic Nichijou. John loved our boy El Melloi to the very end, while Elvie is finally loving Fire Force and the finale of Oh Maidens in Your Savage Season .

The opening to this episode is NEXUS by Hiroyuki Sawano, and the ending theme is Kori ni Tojikomete by Superfly.

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