Jet Setter with Laura Powers

This podcast is for jet setters and those who love travel. On the show we talk about travel tips, destinations, and discuss how to create a mobile lifestyle you love. Hosted by expert traveler Laura Powers.

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Travel Hacking with Ian McCartor

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Ian McCartor is a singer and songwriter who uses travel hacking to travel for his music. He works with a hospice company located on the coast of north county San Diego as a registered nurse. He has been writing songs inspired by the wisdom of the dying, with the hopes of teaching others to live life to the fullest in light of these lessons. He has been using songwriting in these environments as a way to compartmentalize loss, redirecting the perspective to something that can be seen as beautiful. He also sits bedside with those who are alone in their final hours, offering to be an open vessel for them if they pass with unspoken words. He shares these memoirs and songs live at special events, as well as with his private subscribers on You can follow him on Instagram @ianmccartor. You can connect with Laura at, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, on twitter @thatlaurapowers, and on instagram at laurapowers44.