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KWR # 263 Skellington Krew with Valerie Sofranko

Updated 12 months ago.

We are honored to have Valerie Sofranko; a professional Fine Artist of 35 years and a Special Effects Technician for 16+ of those years worked as a Sculptor, Painter, Fabricator, Puppeteer, Model Maker and FX Makeup Artist in the Film Industry on major feature films such as "Return of the Jedi", "Gremlins", "Enemy Mine", "Arachnophobia", "The Fly", "Naked Lunch", "Ghostbusters II", "Back to the Future II", "Hook", "Nightmare Before Christmas" along with a few other films and TV commercials. You oughta know. #ValerieSofrankointerview #gremlinsmovie #nightmarebeforechristmasartist #timburtonartist #lucasfilmartist #heathertaddy #kettlewhistleradio #enemyminefilm #timburtoncharactercreator #creaturedesigner #returnofthejedicreatureconsultant #ghostbusters2