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Manga Mavericks EP. 141: Noir Caeser & Hanakotoba w/Jax Cottrell

Updated about 1 month ago.

Just in time for the turkey day itself, LGBThanksgiving continues with another special interview!

We’ve spotlighted manga localizers before, but on this episode we’re excited to host on the show someone who’s making their own manga, and has been doing great work sharing theirs and others’ diverse voices and perspectives by producing manga, animation, blog posts, analysis videos, interviews, merchandise and apparel, and so much more!

Jaqueline-Elizabeth "Jax" Cottrell is the digital content strategist for Noir Caeser Entertainment and one of the most amazingly prolific and multi-talented people in anime fandom! Jax joins us to chat about their journey from fan to professional, sharing their background as an anime fan, how they got started with Noir Ceaser, and their new manga - Hanakotoba: The Language of Flowers! They also share their thoughts on the Black anime community, making spaces for Black fans and creators, and the importance of authentic and accurate representation. Plus, we chat about Jax's phenomenal video essays, the extensive research they did while writing Hanakotoba, their journey into voice-acting - and again, so much more!

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00:22 - Intro

01:44 - Introducing Jax and their background
13:37 - Jax's Fandom and Career History
25:50 - The Black Anime Community
32:15 - Making Spaces for Black Fans and Creators
41:40 - Noir Caeser's Upcoming Projects
45:17 - Hanakotoba: The Language of Flowers
1:12:10 - The Importance of Authentic, Accurate Representation
1:21:14 - Jax's Personal Aspirations
1:33:15 - Jax’s Plugs

1:35:30 - Community Shout-Outs

1:51:58 - Wrap-Up

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