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One of our KaiNexus customers suggested that we share audio from our webinar series as podcasts. We've done that! And we're also adding content from our KaiNexus blog, read as audio book-style podcasts. To view webinar recordings (audio and slides) or to see and download slides, visit http://www.kainexus.com/webinars and then click on the webinar library. To read content from our blog, visit http://blog.kainexus.com. Our webinars feature KaiNexus leaders, such as Dr. Greg Jacobson and Mark Graban, along with noted authors and our customers, talking about continuous improvement, leadership, and operational excellence. Kaizen and Lean are also featured topics. KaiNexus is a software company that is focused on helping spread continuous improvement throughout organizations.

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Webinar: Applying Strategy Deployment to Your Personal Goals

Updated about 1 year ago.

Presented by Jess Orr, Hosted by Mark Graban of KaiNexus

This covers topics including:

- Grasp the basic concepts of the Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment process
- Contrast the Hoshin Kanri approach with other strategy and goal-setting methods
- Learn how to use the Hoshin process for personal goal development and execution
- Gain actionable understanding of how you can apply Hoshin Kanri in your own life

About Jess Orr

Jess is a continuous improvement thinker and practitioner with 10+ years experience in a variety of industries, including automotive at Toyota. She holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and two Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.

In her current role, Jess applies her passion for people and processes to empower her fellow employees to make impactful and sustainable improvements. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. Her website and blog can be found at www.yokotenlearning.com.